Nov 10, 2010 – [ ] interview on Capital Underground Radio

On November 10, 2010, [  ] will be interviewed on Capital Underground Radio.  This will take place in front of a live audience at Savannah’s (The Dublin Underground), and will later be streamed online for all to hear.  Feel free to stop by that evening for a beer and some interesting conversation.

Nov 10, 2010 – 6:00 pm
[  ] Interview on Capital Underground Radio
Savannah’s (The Dublin Underground)
1 South Pearl St.
Albany, NY
See map


Okay so there’s this crazy sardine meatfest at my place, like dudes using each other as pillows and stuff, and we do it because we need to produce these first four songs.  After the very first day of Colin’s set up blowing up a [gosh darn] fuse, we didn’t have a microwave haha for like 5 days, or even LIGHTS in the main room.  But boy oh boy, we have like a few hours left cause we have to go home and stuff.  Tim to his girlfriend, Colin to his mom, and me to the hordes of leddes; I’m coming girls, don’t worry.

(hahaha it’s 7:34, my parents will be here in 30 minutes, time to <cough cough> clean up.)

Studio Progress

We are currently working towards a 4-song demo which we are hoping to have finished before August.  The songs are all well underway, Tim and I will be invading Garrett’s place of residence within the next week to finish recordings.  It will be an interesting experience.  We will continue to post updates and other nonsense as our recording extravaganza commences.


Hello, all, this is Dr. Kushnir!  This post merely is introduction of myself to you all.  Yes, yes, I will be making post here to talk discuss and analyze the myriad songs – the oeuvre of [    ]!

I have aims to facilitate thought and entertain the criticism of the music made [    ], yes?  Sound fun?  We talk rhythm, harmony, melody, and timbre, as well influences and inspirations of course.  My goal is provide musicological supplement to listener.  I think you like, okay?

Prosh-chavay, until next time,

Dr. Andrij Kushnir

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